Freedom of Information Act
Use this to your advantage and access information otherwise classified.

U.S. Senate of The 111th Congress
Contact information for every U.S. Senator in office.
Tell your senators to support H.R. 1207!

U.S. House of Representatives, 111th Congress
Contact information for every U.S. Representative in office.
Tell your representatives to support H.R. 1207!

Public/State Boundary Map
A great tool to determine public property. 
Know your protesting, or "free speech" zones.

MD State Law Library
Know the laws and avoid problems and avoid being a victim. Know your rights.

Watch Truth Documentaries Free Online:
Chris's list of the Top 10 truth documentaries.

Wal-Mart Intercom Codes

Perry Hall Walmart code is #96.
This is for most stores.
Also try #9611, or some variation of #96
Note: By using this, you agree to take full responsible for any misuse.
Use only for educating others and waking people up.
A great way to find local events to educate others and take a stand.
If you wish to attend an event, 
please notify us!

Contact WJZ-13
Tell the public about the REAL issues. Notify us if your request to WJZ is rejected.

911 Truth Cards
Download and print, or order and hand them out.
Very useful wakeup tool.

The idea-based resistance to Obama's socialistic agenda.
Organize with others, and join state resistance groups.
United we stand = strength in numbers.

Congress and Bill Tracking Log
Track the progression of new bills, and analyze.
Stay up to date to take action on unjust laws.