Donate - Support the infowar

Thank you, everyone, for supporting us and allowing us to do what we do.
Without dedicated supporters and patriots like yourself, WeAreChange would not be what it is today.
There are currently two ways to donate to us, both methods are very easy.
You can donate funds directly to us via our Chipin Widget, which shows you in real-time;
How much we need, how many contributed, how much we've got, and what it's going towards. 
For the ChipIn you'll need a PayPal account. It's fast, easy, and none of your private info is sent to us.
Also, we do not EVER access anyone's account, for any reason, whatsoever. Everything is done by computer.

Same thing with our other method, the wishlist. All needed items for the group are posted on the list, and the items you buy will be shipped right to us. To donate, choose one of the methods below.