Join We Are Change Maryland

"The goal of We Are Change is encouraging people to be the change they want
to see in the world.  If you are not comfortable doing confrontations or
street actions then maybe working to feed the homeless or raise money for
the 1st responders is something you can do instead.  As long as you are
being active, we will support you.
Again, we thank you in helping grow We Are Change into a world-wide
phenomenon as we each choose to get engaged in our society and do what is
morally right. Most importantly it is about doing what you feel is right
in your heart and be the change YOU want to see in the world."

-Dan Burke, We Are Change

If you do not have a local chapter of We Are Change, you have the power to start your own chapter.
Please contact for starting a chapter.
Also, check to look at all active chapters.

Signup Form - Please add a phone number, and website if possible.

Thank you for joining us in the fight for freedom!
Please read our Code of Conduct.